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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Forget - TV Ad - Alfa Romeo UK

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Checklists Added

I've created some new checklists for all those as useless as I am!

My life consists of many many lists, whether its my gym checklist, my festival check list, my skiing checklist or my mountain biking checklist.

It really helps to reduce the stress of getting somewhere and realising you cant enjoy the activity or trip because you have forgotten something.

But if anyone has any good tips for improving short-term memory - i'll happily give them a go!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

2nd Jaw-Dropping Documentary from Zeitgeist

It's rare to find time to sit back and look at whats really going on in the world.

Are you able to remove your focus from your day-to-day life, your work, your family, your surroundings?

Peter Joseph has managed this amazing feat and this is the result:

Zeitgeist The Addendum

This film will quite literally change how you see the world, in just two hours.

In the first documentary Joseph demistyfied the reasons for religion, war and fear, demonstrating how world leaders have manipulated these issues to control the world population.

Addendum deals (extremely poiniently) with the world finanal crisis and how personal debt has been used by those top few American leaders to enslave, not only the american people, but those in many other developing countries too.

Another frightening eye-opener and one that simply cannot be ignored!

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Super Dooper 30th Birthday Shindig!

Thought I'd mention a cracking little 30th party we attended several weeks ago at The Gregory in Harlaxton. Lovely venue, very rustic yet contemporary with the most fantastic hors douvres - sushi (which I absolutely love at the best of times!) plus Pimm's Jelly shots (a lot like vodka jelly shots with with fresh mint and cucumber!)

Showed some really original thinking! There was large marquee outside with sheltered the many smokers in warmth and comfort, plus a cracking band!

What more could you ask for? Free champagne? .....oh yes, there was!!! lol (Shame I was driving that night!!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

what to do with your new canoe...

A friend recently bought a canadian canoe/kayak very cheap from a warehouse discount-type shop thingie. One of those random impulse purchases, I'm still not sure if he knows why he bought it? Anyway, he wants to use it on public canals and lakes etc when he goes camping but wasnt sure about the legalities of it?

After a bit of digging around I found that he can use it at quite a few local stretches of water all he needs to do is make sure he has third party boat insurance as a minimum, to cover him again any accidents where damage is done to another vessel or to inanimate objects, like bridges and banks etc

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Heathfieldz Chat Room Added

Finally figured out the basics of PHP and MySQL so that I could install the open source bulletin board PHPBB for the Heathfieldz Festival....

Heathfieldz Chat Room

Took some getting used to - mainly due to the Administrator Interface which I found to be very confusing until I was able to understand the structure and layout.

It is an amazingly detailed piece of software and (when I manage to get some free time) I'll start to learn the finer points of editing the template and making it look part of the main website.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

IE8 - Less than "Great"

Great things certainly weren't expected from the recent release of Internet Explorer 8 BETA and boy we weren't disappointed!

Another pathetic attempt by Microsoft to create a browser to rival Firefox or Opera, and they have failed miserably again!

The best bit is that IE8 actually crashes whenever a Google-based application tries to run in the browser!! Even a simple plug-in like Google Maps on a Contact Us page causes the browser to shut-down, it's such a pathetic and virtually immature way to stop users from using your main competitor.

Everyone in our office is just waiting for Google to release an operating system so that we can be done with ALL Microsoft applications forever! (Hands up anyone who has managed to run Microsoft Windows XP or Vista successfully without it ever crashing??)

To further highlight Microsofts incompetancies, I tried to access Microsoft Ad Center (where you give them money to advertise on their search platforms) and found that I couldn't view certain parts of the system with Internet Explorer (that's Microsofts own browser!) and resorted to using Firefox, which worked perfectly!

Do us all a favour Microsoft and start paying attention!!